Chinese Style Road Street Lamp

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Model No.: CX-DL-047,CX-DL-048,CX-DL-049,CX-DL-050,CX-DL-051

Height: 8-12meters

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Red represents auspiciousness in China, these a few street lamp design is biased towards Chinese wind, rod body with hot dip galvanized after electrostatic pensu processing, and the color of the rod body can also the be fond of according to the customer to choose.These a few street lamps have a plenty of single arm street lamp, street lamp or have a plenty of arms arm street lamp, appearance is not only a symbol of the Chinese culture, also USES the sodium lamp or LED light source, characteristic of street lamp head, make the road such as the overall look more beautiful and more with Chinese characteristics.In general, our company lamps are specially designed by the customer's requirements, since we do the street lamp also has a dedicated design department, we will according to the characteristics of many design to combine design a variety of street lamp shape.Commitment not only to urban and rural decoration, but also to life lighting night travel will bring the greatest help.Road Lighting Series,Road Lighting,Road Lighting Decoration,Road Lighting Book High Power Led Street Lamp,Led Street Lamp,Led Street Lamp Bulbs,Led Street Lamp Price

Chinese style Road street lamp

Description of products    

Chinese style Road street lamp

●The applicable height: 8-12m 

●The light source: 150W-400W high pressure sodium lamp / LED 

●The hot dip galvanized electrostatic spray processing (color optional) 

●The applicable scope: all kinds of road lighting: the main roads, secondary roads, road, city road.

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