Solar Lawn Lamps Series

Solar lawn lamp is a kind of green energy lamp, it has the characteristics of safety, energy saving, environmental protection, easy installation.Solar lawn lamp is mainly composed of light source, controller, battery, solar cell module and lamp body.Under light exposure, it is stored in a battery through a solar cell, and in the case of light, the battery is fed into a load LED by the controller.Suitable for the residential community green grassland beautification lighting decoration, park lawn landscaping embellishment.

Product features

1. The lamp body is made of aluminum alloy with the column in high strength 

2. Static powder spray coating process with many different colors for options

3. The LED lighting modules give the highest lighting output to produce the optiumum light beam control and visual comfort.

4. Protection:IP54

5. Heart radiation structure design for lighting assembly,greatly enhancing the stability and lifespan of the lamp.

6. LED Lighting columns with RGB and change program comprising artistic design elements.

7. Reasonable design for assembling and disassembling,convenient for installation and maintenance.

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