LED Tile Slots Lamp

LED Tile Slots Lamp is commonly used in ancient architectural lighting, one light and one light, and the other side is the function of light casting.In addition, the luminaires can be equipped with a glare shield.The new energy-saving lamps with high power LED as the light source adopt optical grade PMMA high efficiency lens with low light loss and good illumination.The unique switching constant current source technology ensures that every LED works stably.It has good light transmittance, dust prevention and waterproof performance. The outer shell is made of aluminum alloy die casting parts for superconducting heat dissipation.Especially suitable for landscape architecture, ancient buildings, glazed tiles, villas, parks and other landscape decoration.The protection grade is up to IP65, which can adapt to various indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity environments.The color has the effect of red/yellow/blue/green/white/color change/full color etc.

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LED Tile Slots Lamp
LED Tile Slots Lamp

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