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"Black gold" "king of the new material," said the graphene, is thought to be man has so far been found the most thin, the intensity is the largest and strongest conductive heat conduction performance of a new type of nanometer materials, is also one of the most promising materials in the future.The lamp lighting module with this new material and technology can also replace the lamp bulb directly without changing the lamp housing, which is twice as efficient as before.Graphene's bright spot is energy efficiency."When the heat is controlled, the light efficiency is increased.Because graphene has better thermal conductivity and other properties, it saves a lot of heat dissipation area compared with ordinary LED lights, so it can save 20% to 30% more energy than LED lights.Compared with sodium lamp, it can save 70% energy.As a result, graphene lamps will be brighter at the same power consumption, and this benefit will benefit drivers on the road.Almost all ordinary LED lights have a problem of "black under the lamp".Because of the change of luminance and lighting distribution, the "zebra crossing effect" of light and dark on the road can be avoided.

In addition, from the appearance, these street lamps reduce the heat dissipation area, also can make room for more places on the diversity of the model.

Advantages of graphene modul

●The predominant graphene module of the graphene module is superior in heat dissipation and conductivity.

●The volume of the built-in lighting module is greatly reduced by 3/4than the traditional LED, and the weight is reduced by 1/3.

●The light effect is increased by 20% to 30%.

●The high power LED lamp of graphene heat dissipation is higher, and the light distribution is even more uniform

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