Traffic Signs

Signboard classification by form

1. Horizontal: the whole proportion is relatively long horizontally. Generally, the whole face is used as a sign. Generally, it can be seen on the walls of small shops and large buildings.

2. Vertical: the whole scale is relatively long vertically. Generally, the whole face is used as a sign.

3. Protrusion: protrude on the wall of the building. In the case of the whole or two sides of the wall except the back, both sides are used as the signs of the advertising carrier. For example, turn the sign on three sides.

4. Ground column: horizontal, vertical and three-dimensional signs marked on some fixed structures on the ground

5. Roof type: refers to the plate-shaped living cubic or illusory sign which is set on the roof of a building and hung or pasted on it.

Signboard classification by material

1. Smooth sign board: the picture or board surface is oily and very smooth.

2. Luminous material signboard: use luminous material signboard (we usually call neon light).

3. Acrylic resin signboard: acrylic resin material is used as the main material of board surface. For example, "McDonald's Acrylic label"!

4. Metal sign plate: in case of no special designated plate surface, metal is used as the main material of the plate surface or text of the sign and metal is used as the main carrier of the sign.

5. Electric light board sign board: use LED or luminous tube to achieve monochromatic or color performance effect. According to the light-emitting diodes and the way of expression, it can be divided into five categories: luminous electro-optic board, LCD, led, CRT, FDT, etc.

Signboards are classified by purpose

Safety signs, power signs, fire signs, cartoon signs and evacuation signs.

There are several kinds of road signs

Prohibition sign, warning sign, tourism sign, speed limit sign, instruction sign, reflective sign and safety sign.

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