Integrated Solar Street Lamp

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Model No.: CXTYN-003

Product Description

The integrated solar street light is converted into electrical energy by solar panels and then charged to the lithium battery in the integrated solar street light. During the day, even on a cloudy day, this solar generator (solar panel) collects and stores the required energy. It is automatically supplied to the integrated solar street light LED light at night to achieve nighttime illumination, while the integrated solar street light has PIR human body induction. The function can realize the infrared induction control lamp working mode of the intelligent human body at night. When someone is 100% bright, the time will automatically change to 1/3 brightness after a certain time delay, and the smart energy can save more energy. with

At the time, solar energy played an important role as an [inexhaustible and inexhaustible" safety and environmental protection new energy source in integrated solar street lamps.

Solar Amorphous  Silicon Street Lamp

●System voltage: 12V 

●operating temperature: -15 DEG C to 60 DEG C

●output current: 350mAh 

●output current : 20-65V

●life: 8 - 10 years 
●protection grade: IP67 
●intelligent integration: embedded intelligent BMS microcomputer control system and LED driving power supply with overcharge,  
●overdischarge, overcurrent and temperature protection function; 

●installation suggestion wall type: installation, the lithium battery and photovoltaic modules and system as long as the lamp to plug lighting  

●mode: can be customized; 

●salary standard: 6h night lighting,continuous overcast and rainy days in 5.6 days; 

●warranty period: 5 years
Lithium-integrated Street Lamp  Integrated Solar Street Lamp

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